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CGPSC Mains Philosophy Updated syllabus 2019

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Nature of Philosophy, its relationship between religion and culture, difference between lndian and Western Philosophy, Veda and Upanishada-Brahman, Atman, Rit, Philosophy of Gita - Sthitpragya,
Swadharma,Karmayoga, Philosophy of Charvaka-Epistemology. Metaphysics, Hedonism. Philosophy of Jain - Nature of Jiva, Anekantvada, Syadavada. Panchamahavrata, Philosophy of Buddha -
Pratityasamutpada.Ashtanga Marg. Anatmavada, Kshanikvada, Philosophy of Samkhya - Satkaryavada. nature of Prakriti and Purusha, Vikasavada, Philosophy of Yoga - Ashtanga Yoga, Philosophy of Nyaya Prama. Aprama. Asatkaryavada. Philosophy of Vaisheshika - Parmanuvada, Philosophy of Mimamsa Dharma,Theory of Apurva, Philosophy of Advaita Vedanta- Brahman,Maya, Jagat, Moksha. Kautilya Theory of Saptanga. theory of Mandal, Gurunanak - Social-ethical philosophy. Guru Ghasidas - Characteristics of Satnam Pantha, Vallabhacharya - Pushtimarga, Swami Vivekananda - Practical Vedanta, Universal Religion, Sri Aurbindo -
intergral yoga, supermind Mahatma Gandhi Ahimsa Satyagraha, elevan vows. Bhimrao Ambedkar - Social Thought,Deendayal Upadhyay - Ekatma manav darshan. Plato - Virtus. Aristotle - Theory of Causation. Saint Anselm Ontological argument for the existance of God, Descaftes - method of doubt, I think therefore I am, Spinoza - Substance' Pantheism' Leibnitz - theory of Monad. Theory of Pre - stablished harmony. Locke -epistemology.Berkeley - esse est percipii, Hume - Scepticism, Kant - Criticism, Hegel - Phenomenology and spirit, dialectical Idealism'' Bradley - Idealism.Moore - Realism. A.J. Ayar - verification theory, John dewey - Pragmatism, Saftre - Existentialism, Meaning of Religion, Nature of Philosophy of Religion. Religious tolerance, secularism, problem of evil. Ethical Values and ethical Dilemma,ethical elements in Administration- Honesty,
Responsibility, Transparency, Code of conduct for Public Servants. Corruption - Meaning, Types. Cause and Effect, Efforts to remove corruption. Relevence of whistle-blower.

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CGPSC Mains Philosophy Updated syllabus 2019

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