APPSC Mains Printed Spiral Binded Notes Paper 3

APPSC Mains Printed Spiral Binded Notes Paper 3

Number of Pages-286

(A) Indian Polity and Constitution:

1.      Indian Constitution and its salient features - Functions and duties of the Indian Union and the State Governments.

2.      Issues and challenges pertaining to the Federal structureRole of Governor in States - Distribution of powers between the Union and States (Union list, State list and Concurrent list) — Issues and challenges.

3.      Rural and Urban Local Governance under 73 and 74  Constitutional Amendment Constitutional Authorities and their Role.

4.      Parliament and State Legislatures — structure, functioning, conduct of business, powers & privileges and issues arising out of these.

5.      Judiciary in India — Structure and functions, important provisions relating to emergency and constitutional amendments, judicial review, Public Interest Litigation.

(B)    Public Administration and Governance:

6.      Meaning, Nature  and  Scope  of  Public  Administration  —  Evolution  in  IndiaAdministrative ideas in Kautilya's Arthashastra; Mughal administration; Legacy of British rule.

7.      Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues and problems of implementation.

8.      Development processes - the role of civil society, NGOs and other stakeholders –

9.      Statutory, regulatory and various quasi-judicial authorities - Role of Civil Services in Democracy.

10.    Good  governance  and  e-governanceTransparency,  accountability  and responsiveness in governanceCitizen's Charter. RTI, Public Service Act and their implications, Concept of Social Audit and its importance.

(C).     Ethics in Public Service and knowledge of law

11.    Ethics and Human Interface: Essence, determinants and Consequences of Ethics in Human  actionsdimensions  of  EthicsEthics  in  Private  and  Public  relationshipsEthics-integrity and Accountability in Public Service.

12.    Human values: Understanding the Harmony in existence Human relationships in the society and in the Nature. Gender Equability in the relationships Role of family, society and Educational Institutions in imparting values to citizens, lessons from the lives and teachings of great leaders, reformers and administrations.

13.    Attitude: Content, Functions, its influence and relation with thought and behaviour, Moral and Political attitudes, role of Social influence and persuasion. Emotional intelligence- Concepts and their utilities and application in Administration and Governance.

14.    Concept of Public Service, "Philosophical basis of Governance professional Ethics in the light of right understanding and Vision for Holistic Technologies, Codes of Ethics, codes of Conduct, RTI, Public Service Act, Leadership Ethics, Work culture, Ethical principles with in an Organizational content. - Ethical and moral values in governance, Ethical issues in international relations, corruption, Lokpal, Lokayukta

15.    Basic Knowledge of Laws in India

Constitution of India: Nature and salient features – Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State PolicyBifurcation of powers between centre and state (state list, union list and concurrent list) – Powers of judiciary, executive and legislature.

Civil and Criminal laws: hierarchy of civil and criminal courts in India  - difference between substantial and procedural laws – order and decreenew developments in criminal laws, Nirbhaya Act.

Labour Law: Concept of social welfare legislations in India, changing trends in employment and necessity for new labour laws.

Cyber Laws: Information Technology Act – Cyber Security and Cyber Crime – difficulties in determining competent jurisdiction of courts in case of cyber-crimes.

Tax Laws: Laws relating to income, Profits, Wealth Tax, Corporate Tax - GST


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APPSC Mains Printed Spiral Binded Notes Paper 3

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