MPPCS Mains Printed Spiral Binded Notes Paper 3

MPPCS Mains Printed Spiral Binded Notes Paper 3

Number of pages-425


1. Science and Technology
1 Science
1.1 Matter in our surroundings, Elements, Compounds, Mixtures, Metals and Non-metals, Carbon and its compounds, Molecules, Atoms, Structure of atom. Chemical reactions, Acids, Bases and Salts.
1.2 Organism, Types of organisms, Tissues, Fundamental unit of life-Cell, Life processes', Metabolism, Control and Coordination, Reproduction, Heredity and Evolution.
1.3 Gravitation, Motions, Force, Laws of Motion, Work and Energy, Light, Sound, Electricity and Magnetism.

2. Reasoning and Data Interpretation
2.1 Basic numeracy and Statistics (numbers and their relations).Probability.
2.2 Data handling and Interpretation (charts, graphs, tables, data sufficiency etc.).
2.3 Ratio and Proportion, Unitary method, Profit and Loss, Percentage, Discount, Simple and Compound Interest.
2.4 Mensuration : Area, Perimeter Volume.
2.5 Logical reasoning, Analytical ability and Problem solving.

3 Technology
3.1 Applications of Science and Technology in Social and Economic development, Indigenous technology, Transfer of technology and developing new Technologies.
3.2 Patents and Intellectual Property Rights. (TRIPS & TRIMS).
3.3 Contribution of Indians in the field of Science and Technology.

4. Emerging Technologies
4.1 Emerging technologies like Information and Communication Technology, Remote sensing, Space, GIS, GPS, Nano-technology & Bio-technology : their application in the field of Agriculture and Allied sectors, Health, E- Governance, Transport, Local Planning, Housing, Sports etc.

5. Energy
5.1 Conventional and Non-Conventional sources of energy.
5.2 Energy Management: Issues and challenges.
5.3 Current status of alternative sources of energy and their future prospects.

6. Environment and Sustainable Development
6.1 Environmental degradation: its causes, effects and remedies.
6.2 Environment protection laws, Policies and regulatory framework.
6.3 The Environment - development debate.
6.4 Solid, Medical, Hazardous, Effluent, Sewer, and E-waste management.
6.5 Climate change: Causes and Remedial measures.
6.6 Ecological Prints and Coping strategies.



7. Indian Economy

7.1 and 7.6  Development Experience and Developmental Planning of India.
7.2 Causes of low Industrialization in MP.
7.3 Economic reforms since 1991: Industrial and Financial sector reforms, stock market and Banking systems.
7.4 Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization.
7.5 Current trends and challenges in the Indian Economy.
7.7 National Income and Accounting System.
7.8 Infrastructural development and issues.
7.9 Poverty, Unemployment, Regional Imbalances and Migration.
7.10 Urban issues, Urban development (social and economic infrastructure) and Housing for Low Income Groups.
7.11 Rural issues, Rural development (Social and economic infrastructure) and Rural Credit.
7.12 Indicator of development, Human development & Economic development.
7.13 Co-operative movement in India and M.P
7.14 Importance of agriculture in M.P. and Indian economy.
7.15 Factors of economic development.
7.16 Issues of Direct and Indirect Subsidy for farm sector and other social sectors.
7.17 Public Distribution System : Objective, Functioning, Limitation, Issues of Buffer Stock and Food Security. MP Specific

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MPPCS Mains Printed Spiral Binded Notes Paper 3

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