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Madhyapradesh PSC Notes

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Mppcs Prelims and Mains Tests Series and Notes Program

Mppcs Prelims and Mains Tests Series and Notes Program..

Rs6,049 Ex Tax: Rs6,049

MPPCS Mains Tests and Notes Program

Mains Tests and Notes Program is a guidance program with 20 mock mains tests for Mains Exam and deta..

Rs4,399 Ex Tax: Rs4,399

MPPCS Prelims test-series and Notes Program-2020 Updated Notes and Tests

The program will include the detailed notes and 24 comprehensive tests for Madhya Pradesh  PCS ..

Rs2,199 Ex Tax: Rs2,199

Mppcs Detailed Complete Prelims Printed Spiral Binding Notes-With COD Facility

Program will include following notes modules:-Crack MPPCS   Prelims Module 1- Indian Histo..

Rs2,383 Ex Tax: Rs2,383

MPPSC Mains Complete PDF Notes

Paper-1 Sec-A (174 pg) Sec-B (150 pg)Paper-2  Sec-A (296 pg) Sec-B (101 pg)Paper-3 Sec-A (502 p..

Rs1,333 Ex Tax: Rs1,333

Mppcs Detailed Complete Prelims Notes-PDF Files

Program will include following notes modules:-Crack MPPCS   Prelims Module 1- Indian Histo..

Rs1,173 Ex Tax: Rs1,173

MPPCS Mains Paper II A (Indian Constitution & Polity)

1.1Constitution drafting committee, The Constitution of India,The Preamble,Basic Structure,Fundament..

Rs659 Ex Tax: Rs659

MPPCS Mains Paper IV (Ethics)

1- Human needs and motivation Ethics and Values in Public Administration: Ethical elements in govern..

Rs439 Ex Tax: Rs439

MPPCS Mains Paper I A (History)

1.1 World History- Renaissance, Revolution of England, French Revolution, Industrial Revolution Russ..

Rs380 Ex Tax: Rs380

MPPCS Mains Paper I B (Geography) and MPPCS Mains Paper I C (Disaster Management)

GEOGRAPHY2.1 Salient features of physical geography of India and the world,2.2 Distribution of key n..

Rs337 Ex Tax: Rs337

MPPCS Mains Paper II B (Social Sector)

6. Social & Some Important Legislation:6.1 Indian society, Social Legislation as an instrument o..

Rs218 Ex Tax: Rs218

MPPCS PDF Module 4A Madhya Pradesh Economy

An Introduction to Madhya Pradesh Economy Main Features of Madhya Pradesh economy Main..

Rs145 Ex Tax: Rs145

MPPCS PDF Module 6A Madhya Pradesh Geography

Madhya Pradesh:Geographical location, Madhya Pradesh:Relief and Structure, Madhya Prad..

Rs145 Ex Tax: Rs145

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