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DMPQ PDF Compilation 2024- Mains Mock questions and answers

1543 Mains Mock questions with model answersSubject-wise segregated617 Pages quality material..

Rs499 Ex Tax: Rs499

CGPSC Mains Complete Paper 3 4 5 6 and 7 PDF (Digital) Notes

CGPSC Mains Paper III GS I- History of India, Constitution & Public Administration and..

Rs2,799 Ex Tax: Rs2,799

Cgpcs Detailed Complete Prelims Notes-PDF Files

Program will include following notes modules:-Crack CGPCS Prelims Module 1- Indian HistoryCrack CGPC..

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CGPSC Mains Paper V PDF Notes (GS-III)

Click Here for SamplesTotal Pages- 240..

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CGPSC Mains Paper VII Notes PDF FIles (GS-V)

The package includes two files of 139 PagesWelfare developement and laws and InternationalHuman deve..

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Chhattisgarh at Glance-PDF

Detailed Notes for Chhattisgarh GK Covering the entire topics related to :-Chhattisgarh GeographyChh..

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Mains DMPQ Pdf Compilation

Compiled pdf file for our daily mains practice questions.updated till feb 2019Pages- 115..

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CGPCS PDF Module 4A Chhattisgarh Economy

An Introduction to Chhattisgarh Economy Main Features of Chhattisgarh economy Mai..

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CGPCS PDF Module 6A Chhattisgarh Geography

Chhattisgarh:Geographical location, Chhattisgarh:Relief and Structure, Chhattisga..

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