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TNPSC Prelims test-series and Notes Program-2020 Updated Notes and Tests

Program will include following notes modules:-

  1. Crack TNPSC Prelims Module 1- Indian History
  2. Crack TNPSC Prelims Module 2-Tamil Nadu Culture and History
  3. Crack TNPSC Prelims Module 3- General Science
  4. Crack TNPSC Prelims Module 4- Aptitude and Reasoning
  5. Crack TNPSC Prelims Module 5- Indian Economy
  6. Crack TNPSC Prelims Module 6-Tamil Nadu Economy
  7. Crack TNPSC Prelims Module 7 -Environment
  8. Crack TNPSC Prelims Module 8- Polity
  9. Crack TNPSC Prelims Module 9-Tamil Nadu Polity ,Governance and Schemes
  10. Crack TNPSC Prelims Module 10- : Geography
  11. CrackTNPSC Prelims Module 11-Tamil Nadu Geography
  12. Crack TNPSC Prelims Module 12 Current Affairs

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TNPSC Prelims test-series and Notes Program-2020 Updated Notes and Tests

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Program will include following notes modules:-Crack BPSC Prelims Module 1- Indian HistoryCrack BPSC ..
Ex Tax: Rs2,199
Paper-1 Sec-A (174 pg) Sec-B (150 pg)Paper-2  Sec-A (296 pg) Sec-B (101 pg)Paper-3 Sec-A (502 p..
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Test 1

History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition & Heritage of Tamil Nadu

Test 2

Indian History-Ancient Period

Test 3

Indian History-Medieval Period

Test 4

Indian History-Modern Period

Test 5

World Geography

Test 6

Geography of India

Test 7

Geography of Tamil Nadu

Test 8

Indian Constitution, Political System &Governance

Test 9

Economic Concepts and Indian Economy


Test 10

Economy of Tamil Nadu

Test 11

Science & Technology

Test 12

Reasoning & Mental Ability

Test 13

Current Affairs

Test 14


Test 15

Complete Syllabus

Test 16

Complete Syllabus

Test 17

Complete Syllabus

Test 18

Complete Syllabus

Test 19

Complete Syllabus

Test 20

Complete Syllabus

Test 21

Complete Syllabus

Test 22

Complete Syllabus

Test 23

Complete Syllabus

Test 24